Digital Learning Ambassadors

November 6th, 2015

Digital Learning Ambassadors Portfolio

digital learning ambassadors

The Digital Learning Ambassadors at PROCAT will be keeping track of their scholarship progress by keeping a portfolio.

The aims of the portfolio are:
• To provide a framework of information for the Digital Learning Ambassadors to develop
• To provide a greater understanding of the Digital Learning Ambassadors own personal development
• To provide the Digital Learning Ambassadors with an opportunity to record and realise their own success
• To provide the Digital Learning Ambassadors with a clear understanding of their own development needs
• To provide the Digital Learning Ambassadors with a framework to set, review and record their objectives

Their Personal Development Portfolio is the Digital Learning Ambassadors’ own record of their learning and development whilst on the Digital Learning Ambassador programme with PROCAT. The contents of their portfolio will be regularly reviewed as part of their ongoing assessment as a Digital Learning Ambassador – it is a requirement to pass the scholarship programme.

The information within the Personal Development Portfolio will provide comprehensive, written evidence of all their projects, their strengths, developmental goals, progress and achievements whilst on the scholarship. It is also a very useful discussion tool for assessment reviews, mentor sessions and finding full time employment.

The information gathered in their portfolio will be of great use to the Digital Learning Ambassadors when they come to apply for jobs and need to demonstrate their skills and experience at an interview.

They must regularly complete forms within their portfolio and add any supplementary information.

At the same time, they will be able to keep updating their LinkedIn profile with projects, work experience and build up endorsements.

You can read a copy of the Digital Learning Ambassadors Portfolio here.