Digital Learning Ambassadors

December 14th, 2015

Week 5: Digital Learning Ambassadors LinkedIn Events

Week 5 Challenge for Digital Learning Ambassadors – Preparing for LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn Charter digital learning ambassadors

This is our final report before we break for Christmas. This week, we’ve been planning events to be held in the canteen at lunch times to introduce other students and staff to the benefits of LinkedIn. Students have 1 hour for lunch, so it is a long time. This is an ideal time to run events to help students learn new digital tools. They have time on their hands at this time of day.

We’ve also been using LinkedIn more ourselves and building our network. We’ve enjoyed seeing our connections grow from a short amount, but regular activity. Little and often is our tip!

Here are some resources we will be using for the lunch time events:

Posters to notify students when the canteen events will be held.
A flyer on why we are recommending people to sign up to LinkedIn.
A step by step guide for those who need additional help in setting up on LinkedIn.

Have we missed anything?

See you in 2016.
Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and New Year,
The Digital Learning Ambassadors